ISS can design and install a CCTV solution to protect your property both inside and out.

CCTV Systems & Commercial Security Cameras

CCTV Systems can help you feel at ease, knowing there is a watchful eye over your premises 24/7.  Whether you’re protecting people, products or property (physical or intellectual), a well-designed CCTV system allows you to monitor your premises around the clock. CCTV cameras ensure a safer environment for your employees and customers, and are effective in deterring crime.

From small, elegant solutions to powerful, multi-point networks, the team at ISS are experts at designing and installing CCTV solutions that ensure eyes on your assets at all times. We can help you to identify and address any weak points using strategically placed cameras to reduce your risk of break-in and theft.

Security Camera and CCTV System Installation

ISS partners with market leaders in security technology and uses only the best CCTV products in our installations. We can custom design a quality CCTV solution that provides constant surveillance of your property when you are not around.

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Avigilon Product Benefits

Enterprise level solutions

Enabling faster response and reduced investigation times, Avigilon Control Centre combines a powerful and intuitive interface with an advanced search technology called Avigilon Appearance Search™.

ACC software records and manages video from the Avigilon line of megapixel cameras — from 1 MP to 5 MP and 4K to 7K.

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Hikvision Product Benefits

Commercial & Domestic Solutions

Hikvision is the worlds largest manufacturer of video surveillance products and is consistently leading the charge with advances in video image processing, video codec, video content analysis and storage. With over 7,180 engineers in the R&D team at the end of 2015, Hikvision is serious about staying ahead of the rest.

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ISS works with commercial, industrial and government clients across Victoria to design, install and maintain innovative and flexible security solutions that provide total peace of mind.

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